Saturday, June 27, 2009

In my research into surface design,  3 main components  are  stressed  :
1. Design- which consists of an idea, theme or motif that will be the basis of the pattern.
2. Colorways- the color combinations the pattern will be created in.This can be very important and can make or break the overall design.
3. Repeats- the repetition of said motif without interruption or breaks .

I will try to approach each of my designs keeping these factors in mind.So far, I've mainly been concentrating on motif design and not giving much thought to the other 2 factors.I must tell you, repeats are very difficult and take practice, not just in getting a seamless repeat, but also deciding on the appropriate repeat for each motif.......a challenge, at least for for me.

I'm going to show a simple motif at the top bottom  , with 3 different repeats to illustrate.
They all have a different feel, depending on the density of what I'll call "ground coverage".The first is a half drop repeat, the second is a half drop of a medallion made with the motif and the third is a straight repeat.

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